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Do you have a hearing coming up?

Students find having an Advocate accompany them is of great support during what can be a stressful process. Faculty Committees do take into account if you have accessed Student Services for assistance. Having a DUSA Advocate present is a great way to show the panel you’re accessing such services. Plus Advocates have been to many hearings and have some great advice to give.

If you would like an Advocate to accompany you, email with your time, date and location of your hearing.

We are here for you when things go wrong

One of the central functions of DUSA is to defend your student rights and help you live, thrive and survive. Please come see us with any problem you may have. If we can't work through your problems with you, we will help you find the service you need. Our student-oriented team is always available and willing to assist you so, 'If you Need Help, Just Ask!'


Get in Touch with Us

DUSA employ experienced and professional Advocates. When you have a problem and you come to DUSA, these are the people that will help you. How you talk to them is up to you; you can call, email or visit them in person. This service is completely independent from the university, and all your details and concerns are treated confidentially.

Questions? See if your's can be answered at our Frequenty Asked Questions page.

On the right-hand side of this page (or the bottom if you're on your phone) you'll find heaps of helpful resources, put together by our Advocates. These cover the most common issues that students face (such as academic cases and appeals, enrolment and fee issues) that can help inform and prepare you in dealing with your situation.

Contact our Advocates by filling out the form below, or call us on 1300 555 528

Deakin Services

Deakin also offer many free support services for students, so if our advocates can’t help you, they can refer you onto someone who can. The Division of Student Life (DSL) offers a range of free services including: counselling and chaplaincy,·disability support,·financial counselling and assistance and medical centres.

To find more information on these services visit the Deakin University website.


Whatever your problem, we can help.

We will help you find the assistance you need.

Remember it's FREE, confidential, independent advice.