2015 Member Packages


Join Us in 2015! Become a member now!

Becoming a DUSA member means you will stay connected to campus life throughout the entire year.  

You get free stuff (and yes, that includes the famous DUSA hoodie) as well as discounts on club memberships, event tickets, trips and tours, short courses and stationery from the DUSA Bookshop.Depending on what you want from DUSA, and the amount of cash in your wallet, you can choose between three different levels of membership.

Not only that, you'll be helping us continue to do what we do best - providing support for you and your fellow students while you study!

Gold $50.00          Silver $30.00          Bronze $15.00                                                             

Associate $30.00     (Not a Deakin enrolled student? then this is for you. Including MIBT & DUELI students).
DUSA membership expires on 31 December yearly.

You need to be a registered user of the DUSA website first. After registering you can then purchase one of our great membership packages. Click on the 'Join DUSA' button to register and join!

If you have any issues with selecting the state you live in, just choose SA or TAS - this will take you to the next step, but will not affect your payment.



Important info: The DUSA website is independent of Deakin University, therefore your login details to this website will be different to your Deakin user account.


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Membership benefit Gold
Silver or
DUSA Membership Hoodie XX    
DUSA pen pack XX    
Discounts on Australian University Games XX  
DUSA Satchel XX XX  
DUSA 8GB Wristband USB XX XX  
DUSA sticky flags XX XX  
Discounts on stationery at DUSA bookshops 20% 10%  
Discount on DUSA events, trips and short courses XX XX  
Access to DUSA volunteer & Student Representative program XX XX  
DUSA wall planner XX XX XX
DUSA free on-campus food days XX XX XX
Discounts to Clubs & Societies XX XX XX
Discount DUSA services including binding and photocopying XX XX XX