Transport Assistance Program


Struggling to cover transport costs?

University can be expensive, books, stationery and transport can become very costly, very quickly. For those students who experience financial hardship the cost of getting yourself to and from campus, be it through public transport or vehicle can become extremely overwhelming and stressful. 

To help out students, DUSA provides the Transport Assistance Program which is accessible for all students experiencing financial hardship. The program provides the following financial assistance opportunities:

  • Subsidized annual parking permits costing $100 instead of the usual $365, or
  • Public transport assistance - Myki Card to the value of $150.

Full-time or Part-time Deakin University students (on any campus) can apply for transport assistance. Students must be able to demonstrate financial hardship in order to apply and be granted the assistance.

There are a limited number of permits and public transport assistance allocations, so keep that in mind when applying.