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Here you will find everything from how to start a new club, how to manage an existing club, how to apply for a DUSA grant, submit an event request or book a room on campus. If after looking here you can’t find an answer to your question then please contact your Clubs Support Officer.

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Ready to run an event? You've come to the right place. Find everything below you need to know and what to submit to make your event a success!

In 2017 DUSA Clubs & Societies across Deakin run in excess of 1800 events! To help support our club executives to continue to grow the number and scope of events in 2018 the information below has been created to help you understand what is required to make sure your event is approved by DUSA and is safe and fun for all.

To have you event approved by your Club Support Officer you are required to submit an Event Request Package incorporating an Event Request From, Deakin Risk and Control Assessment, and a Budget Form. In addition to this, those events that a deemed High Risk will also be required to submit a DUSA Risk Assessment relevant to the event type. The table below gives you an idea of what is required depending on your event type:


Below are all the documents you need to submit to your Club Support Officer:

If you require any clairifcation in completing your Event Request then please contact your club support officer. Happy event planning!