Contract Cheating Awareness Week 2018


Ever heard of “Contract Cheating”? Believe it or not, it’s a widespread cheating epidemic that has hit Tertiary institutions hard and DUSA is making it their mission to stop it. 

Contract Cheating involves a student requests someone else to produce all or part of an assessment task that is submitted as their own work, including arrangements through a third party. This process is not accepted at Deakin University and can result in your exclusion from your course and the University.

Why might students 'Contract Cheat'?

Deakin students may “contract cheat” for a variety of reasons medical, financial disadvantage, social pressures, poor study techniques or cultural differences. Students who cheat often lack of understanding of the principals of academic integrity at Deakin and the expectations of student behaviour at our Tertiary providers.

What do ‘Contract Cheating’ traps look like?

Contract Cheating companies masquerade as academic help services to trap Deakin students and will advertise on campus with fake “help” posters, through social media and via websites. These companies use key words like assignment help, educational solutions, professional or experts to help complete your project, online writing services, homework help, plagiarism checking services, and will often promise money back guarantees.

These platforms are not genuine help services; they will not assist you with your learning nor help you achieve academically. Instead they will write assignments, essays and projects for you which is contract cheating. If you submit the work provided, or part of the work provided to you by these services, you will be caught and you will face academic penalties like exclusion.

What help services are available? 

Deakin University and DUSA provide a range of academic and welfare services on campus and through the cloud that can assist you with your learning and other areas of your life. Many of the services are free and are available to current Deakin students. 

Contract Cheating Game

Play the Contract Cheating game to learn all about the consequences!

It’s essential that you demonstrate academic integrity at Deakin, meaning submitting your own work, correctly acknowledging resources and references, and always being truthful in your communication with the university. Educate yourself at your local campus event. 

Campus Events


Mon 20 Aug, 12 – 2pm
Morgan’s Walk (Student Central Precinct if raining)
Free lunch (sliders), photobooth, giveaways

Tues 21 Aug, 12 – 2pm
Student Central Precinct
Fresh fruit, photobooth, giveaways

Thurs 23 Aug, 12 – 2pm
Elgar Rd, Burwood (Between LA and LB) 
Fresh fruit, photobooth, giveaways

Waurn Ponds

Wed 22 Aug, 11.30 – 2pm
CADET Building
Free lunch, photobooth, information packs


Thurs 23 Aug, 11.30 – 1.30pm
The Gallery
Free lunch, photobooth, information packs 

Referencing Workshop

Our referencing workshop will equip you with essential referencing knowledge and an understanding of academic integrity. Harvard and APA referencing styles will be covered and there will be dedicated time in the workshop for you to ask any burning referencing questions. 

Wednesday 29 August, 12.30 - 1.30pm
Burwood, Room HE 1.018
Register now (registrations close on Wednesday 29 August at 8am)
Free (a $10 holding fee is required that will be refunded after the workshop)