Student Initiatives Funds


Student leaders, club executives, creative thinkers, entrepreneurs and more, are called upon to apply for the DUSA Student Initiatives Fund, sponsored by Deakin University Community Bank®.

DUSA Student Initiatives Funds 2017

During Orientation Week 2017, the Deakin University Community Bank sponsored $4,000 in funds to be distributed by DUSA. These funds were allocated to three categories of student focused initiatives, as voted for, by Deakin students. 

Funding opportunities, like the DUSA Student Initiatives Fund, are possible because the Deakin Community, (students staff and alumni), choose to bank with the Deakin University Community Bank®. As a community bank, the profits are returned to the Deakin community, specifically through opportunities like: 

  • scholarships to support young people pursuing their dreams,
  • grants to help our researchers become leaders in their field,
  • sustainable infrastructure projects to make Deakin an even better place to work and study,
  • financial support for clubs, societies and community-building activities.

Student voting at Orientation Week resulted in the following allocation of funds:

  • $2,000 sponsorship to The Innovative Student Projects Fund,
  • $1500 sponsorship to the DUSA Club Development Fund,
  • $500 sponsorship to the DUSA Student Leadership Fund.

DUSA now extends the invitation to all current Deakin University Students, to apply for funding under the three categories listed.


  1. DUSA Innovative Student Projects

A fund for individual or small groups of students to fund innovative projects or ideas.

  1. DUSA Club Development Fund

A fund for DUSA clubs & societies, to organise extra or innovative events, in addition to their usual calendar events, or for facilitating training of their members and executive teams.

  1. DUSA Student Leadership Fund

A fund to be used for developing the skills and leadership abilities of Deakin University students.

Application forms

How to apply?

Applications for the DUSA Student Initiatives Funds are now open. See below for full application details.

  • Applications open Monday 20 June 2017
  • Submission deadline EXTENDED TO FRIDAY 25TH AUGUST BY 11.59PM
  • Submission requirements include DUSA Application Form, Identification and Project Plan as per documentation