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What can a DUSA Advocate help me with?

Advocates can assist with all manner of concerns and queries of students. If you need advice on any issue, we can either assist you or refer you to internal or external providers who are best suited to help you.

I just received a letter from my faculty and they told me to see an Advocate. Why?

One of the largest roles of Advocates is to assist students with academic progress or misconduct allegations. Advocates can help students to understand the allegations made against them by the faculty, explain where assistance can be sought within the university, assist with show cause letter content and review draft letters for students prior to their submission. Advocates can inform students of the show cause procedure and also attend hearings with students if requested.

How do I know that the information I tell advocates will not be passed on to Deakin?

Deakin University Student Association (DUSA) is independent from Deakin. All information received is confidential and staff are bound by the privacy act. Advocates work in the student’s best interests in all dealings with Deakin University.

I do not have a faculty letter, but I would like some advice. Can I just book an appointment with an advocate?

Yes, advocates are employed by the Student Association to assist all students..

I sent an email at midnight last night and no-one has responded yet! How long does it take?

Advocates are available on each campus Monday to Friday only. They aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours. During peak service times, where advocates have appointments booked all day, reply times may be a little longer.  Your query will be responded to, so please do not send multiple emails or phone calls. Advocates will respond to you! Once you have made initial contact with an advocate, you can contact them directly for the duration of your case.

Is a student allowed to bring an Advocate or someone else to a meeting with a University staff member or Committee?

Yes. Students may require support or advice on their rights and have the right to bring a support person of their choice, whether it be a friend, family member or a DUSA Advocate to any meeting. Trained advocates are available to attend scheduled hearings with students if a request has been accepted.

Will I always be offered a private appointment with an Advocate?

No. During peak times, advocates would not be able to assist the great volume of students who require help if they did not have group appointments. Students who present with the same issue (academic progress letters for example) are informed as a group of the best way to approach this task and how to prepare their show cause letters. Students will be offered individual advice when they send their documents and draft letter through to the Advocacy service.

Do you help with legal issues?

Yes, DUSA has a dedicated free legal service for all students through the Eastern Community Legal Centre and the Barwon Community Legal Service. You can get more information about the service and how it helps students <here>. To arrange an appointment, please do so:

Do you have a free newsletter?

We send regular email updates to current DUSA members.

How do I make an appointment to see an Advocate?

Use the online contact form, call us on 1300 555 528, or vist a DUSA office on campus..

Can anyone become a member of DUSA?

Yes - everyone is welcome!
Non Deakin enrolled students can join as an Associate member.

How much does membership cost?

There are different types of membership with different benefits.
Go here to see them all.

What time does the DUSA bookshop open and close?

The DUSA bookshops on campus are open Monday-Friday.
Go here to see the opening and closing times for your campus.

What is DUSA?

DUSA stands for Deakin University Student Association and stands for each and every student. We are the heart of campus life - running events, clubs, sport, free food days, advocacy and welfare to name some services. Run by students, for students, DUSA is here to help students succeed in every way possible. Need help? Just Ask!

What is my login?

In most cases your login is your full Deakin email address, unless you have previously registered on the DUSA website with a personal email address. To retrieve your login details, click on the 'Hat' icon on the right hand red panel, enter your email address and request a password reset.

I am having trouble logging in, what can I do?

There could be a number of reasons why you can't login. You may have registered with a private email address or your account isn't activated.

Things to try:

  • Request a password reset from the login panel. Right hand side of the page, hat icon! or here http://www.dusa.org.au/DUSA-Membership
  • Your login username will be either something you created if you have previously registered on the DUSA website
  • or your login username will be your full Deakin email address...aaaaa@deakin.edu.au
  • Your password will be something that you have created, again if you cannot remember it, request a password reset from the login panel.
  • Send an email with details of your problem to: dusa-member-support@deakin.edu.au