Student Representatives


How to apply

Being a DUSA Student Representative is a fantastic experience. By getting involved in student representation you can:

  • Organise campaigns on issues that effect students, such as concession cards for international students, Deakin’s environmental impact, or assignment submission practices.
  • Address social issues such as homophobia, equal opportunity, disability access or environmental degradation.
  • Negotiate with senior university staff, to ensure Deakin meets its obligations to students.
  • Organise social events including BBQs, balls and live entertainment.
  • Choose how DUSA fosters clubs and societies.
  • Lead university sports teams
  • Develop professional and personal skills
  • Meet hundreds of fantastic people

Becoming involved is easy, contact the DUSA General Secretary.

Download and submit the co-option form to the DUSA General Secretary to apply.

►  Cooption/Nomination Form