02 August 18Sophie Tudor

3 x 3 Basketball Recap

Deakin students enjoyed a full day of hoops in the inaugural Deakin 3x3 Basketball Competition on 15 July, where 11 teams descended upon the Burwood Campus to take out the title in the high speed, half-court basketball event.

Twenty-seven matches were played across the day as RedBull’s DJ span tunes and DUSA provided a scrumptious lunch. The standard was very even with both of the semi-finals coming down to one shot in the dying moments.

The team from Geelong consisting of Joel Crucitti, James Cecil and Thomas Goodwin won the men’s final in after narrowly winning their semi-final.  

The team consisting of Alex Lavery, Tom Baring, Josh Lewry and Darby Allen will now join the women’s team of Victoria Carmody, Melissa Dunuwille, Priyanka Jinna, and Heather Barpalias to represent the Deakin Dragons in the University Nationals 3x3 Competition.

According to an IOC commissioned study, 3 on 3 basketball is the largest urban team sport in the world and is currently being promoted and structured by FIBA, the sport's governing body.

Follow the 3 on 3 Nationals action here: