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A key part of DUSA as a student association is the continued promotion and support of student Clubs & Societies. Clubs & Societies are the spirit of University life, and provide you with a chance to meet new people, discover new interests and forge great connections while you are study at University.

DUSA currently operates over 147 Clubs & Societies across our campuses (including Cloud Students) at Deakin. They cover a diverse range of interests, there is a club for almost anyone; we have academic or faculty based clubs, sporting, arts, culture, food, environment, games, dance, singing, religion, real estate and entrepreneurship to name a few!

Deakin Voice is one of our DUSA Burwood based clubs who have created amazing opportunities for themselves through the Clubs & Societies program.

Joining a DUSA club is a fantastic way to form friendships, especially in a capacity such as a university where you move from class to class and the relationships you form can often seem short-term.

Deakin Voice recently produced their very first music video (claps!). This incredible production was completed in collaboration with DeakinTV (another DUSA Club) during Trimester 1, and is an acapella arrangement of four songs.

First formed in 2014, Deakin Voice is a music club that caters for a range of student musical abilities through their ongoing club events and activities. The Club holds weekly Jam sessions available for any to join, through to their advanced Acapella sub-group called the Walking Jukebox (the performers of the music video).

Check out their amazing video below:

Some of the activities Deakin Voice run through out the year include:

  • Open mic nights at the Diner on Elgar Road Campus. These are individual or group performance nights.
  • Niche workshops – for perfecting specific skill sets, previously years have included African drumming classes.
  • Weekly Jam Sessions – Tuesday from 5.30pm to 7pm
  • Weekly acapella “The Walking Jukebox” sessions – Friday from 5.30pm to 7pm

We have people coming back who have graduated, and people who meet up outside of our sessions and craft their own mellow arrangements.

Deakin Voice is an energetic, friendly and collaborative group that encourages any student, with any skill set to get in contact and be a part of the Deakin Voice experience.

To find out more about Deakin Voice please the DUSA Deakin Voice page here or to find the perfect club for you, vist the DUSA Clubs & Societies page here