12 April 17Hope Terdich

DUSA announcement: Deakin Stallions

Deakin University Student Association has been made aware of the upcoming intercampus event in Geelong, promoted by the “Deakin Stallions”. 

DUSA wishes to advise all students and members, that the group and event is not affiliated with DUSA as a club or with Deakin University, in any capacity.

The group is not authorised to use the Deakin or DUSA logo for any promotional or communications materials.

Therefore, this event is not subject to DUSA event guidelines, and DUSA has reason to be concerned about the safety of the participants.

DUSA takes great pride in supporting affiliated clubs when conducting events, and places utmost importance on risk assessment. Potential risks to attendees is always considered, and proactive steps to minimise potential harm to students is undertaken at all DUSA endorsed events.

For any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact DUSA at or at any of the DUSA reception locations on your campus.