12 October 15Hope Terdich

DUSA Club President wins "Young Community Spirit" award.

Student Achievements

Minura - President, Deakin Sri Lankan Society pictured with Sophie - Clubs & Societies Officer Burwood

DUSA is pleased to announce another recent success of our student Clubs & Societies. Minura, President of the Deakin Sri Lankan Society (DSLS), was recently awarded a Gold category honour for “Young Community Spirit” by the Serendib Awards.

The Serendib awards is the largest multicultural awards ceremony in the Sri Lankan community, and is dedicated to honouring the achievements and exceptional contributions of Sri Lankans across a variety of fields.

Minura’s contributions to the Sri Lankan community include the establishment of the DUSA Club the Deakin Sri Lankan Society (DSLS) in 2015 where he was the President. DSLS held several hugely successful events during 2015 for the Deakin Sri Lankan community including the recent Annual Kottu Night and Dinner Dance.

"As a young international student, I feel very appreciative having received this award in recognition for my contribution towards the Sri Lankan community. It's all the courage you need to drive towards success, and I want all the fellow members to be more active in the community." - Minura

DUSA would like to congratulate Minura on this exceptional award which is a true testament to his community spirit and leadership abilities. DUSA is proud to be able to assist Deakin students in contributing to the wider community.

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