17 April 18Sophie Tudor

DUSA Scholarship Recipient Loves Her New Laptop

Deakin student, Brooke McOrist, was all too familiar with the 50km route from her home to Warrnambool campus.

Her second-hand laptop, with missing keys and zero battery life, forced her to travel the long commute so she could complete assignments using only the computers available on-campus. A tiring challenge for any full-time student in their third year of a Bachelor of Nursing.  

DUSA was delighted to step in and offer Brooke a scholarship up to the value of $3,000 – a scholarship that we proudly offer to 11 students who are facing economic, physical, social or geographic disadvantages, split across all campuses, at the beginning of every year.

Brooke said the appeal of a new laptop was what enticed her to apply for a 2018 scholarship.

“I read that part of the scholarship was a new laptop and mine was a hand me down from my fiancé. He had it for 6 years and after having it for 2 years of assignment writing, it was missing a J and A key off the keyboard and had to be plugged into power at all times and could often turn off at any minute, so I wrote all assignments and did study on campus - a 50km drive away,” said Brooke.

The brilliant thing about the DUSA scholarships is that students can cater it towards their specific needs that will best support their university studies. As part of her scholarship, Brooke received a new Lenovo laptop, textbooks from the DUSA Bookshop, a DUSA Gold Membership and credit on her Deakin card.

“I am already seeing the benefits from this scholarship in my ability to succeed in my classes and get the required work done. Third and final year of university is extremely stressful and having received this scholarship has definitely taken a bit of the stress off, so that’s awesome!”

“Furthermore, with so much of the study being ‘online’ it makes a significant difference in other parts of a student’s life when getting online is easier with the provision of a laptop. I think it’s important that these scholarships are available as they have the ability to make a significant difference to a student’s university life whether they are experiencing social, economic or physical difficulties, like myself,” said Brooke.  

“I want to thank the generosity of the people that contribute to DUSA Scholarships Program, I appreciate it and understand that it is through your generosity I can be the recipient of this fantastic scholarship, so thank you!”

We are so happy that Brooke is loving her new laptop and other scholarship offerings. Well done Brooke!

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