18 May 18Sophie Tudor

DUSA Scholarship Recipient Tackles T1 Stress Free

At the beginning of every year, DUSA offers 11 scholarships to students who are experiencing financial, economic, social or geographic disadvantages.

Valued at $3,000, these scholarships allow the recipient to receive the required support and resources needed to tackle their studies with flying colours. Furthermore, it can actually be catered towards their specific needs.

Samantha Owen, aged 21, is an undergraduate currently studying a Bachelor of Law at Deakin Waterfront and one of this year’s lucky DUSA scholarship recipients. Samantha decided to apply for the scholarship when her disability was negatively affecting her studies on both a mental and financial level and she reached out to DUSA for assistance.

“Living with an invisible illness is hard because just by looking at you, people wouldn’t know that I’m any different from the next person. But the truth of the matter is, my disability costs me a lot both mentally and financially. So, when I applied for the DUSA scholarship I didn’t believe I would get it, but the thought of how much it would help me if I did was what motivated me to complete the application,” explained Samantha.

Samantha was overjoyed when she discovered she was a successful 2018 scholarship recipient and decided to use the scholarship to buy an iPad, a DUSA Gold Membership, textbooks, a $250 petrol voucher and $350 on her Deakin card for printing and various on-campus purchases. 

“I’m so used to putting textbooks on hold in the Library and then constantly having to read ahead or get behind every time I have to return it and wait to get it back. But with this scholarship, I received all of my books from DUSA and it’s such a relief, especially considering a lot of my exams are open book, and so I don’t have the stress hanging over my head that I might not have the textbook with me for the exam,” said Samantha.

Indeed, the DUSA scholarships provides a valuable means of support for students who are struggling both financially and emotionally. For Samantha, the scholarship gave her assistance and the motivation to continue to do her best in her studies with the provided DUSA support.

“I think it’s really important for these scholarships to exist because not only do they provide a financial leg up, they also are helpful emotionally. Some people struggle with affording to complete their studies because of issues outside of their control, such as financial hardship or medical conditions, and these scholarships give people the chance to be on an even playing field with everyone else,” said Samantha.

“I think they also give people a bit of motivation to continue with their studies and try to do the best they can because they have DUSA supporting them. I know for me receiving the scholarship made me feel like I was being recognised for doing the best that I could in the circumstances, and DUSA just wanted to help me do even better.”

We wish Samantha the best of luck in her Law Degree with a stress-free year ahead!

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