10 March 17Hope Terdich

DUSA proposes Gender-Neutral Bathrooms across Deakin University Campuses.

DUSA proposes Gender-Neutral Bathrooms across Deakin University Campuses.

Deakin University Student Association recommends the Gender-Neutral Bathroom proposal for broader community discussion.

The Gender-Neutral Bathroom Proposal outlines and addresses current social issues of gendered bathrooms and the negative effects on gender-diverse and LGBTQQIA+ students at Deakin University.

The inclusion of gender-neutral bathroom facilities at Deakin University is a positive step towards minimizing opportunities for harassment and acts of discrimination against intersex, transgender and gender-diverse students. It will assist with the provision of services for LGBTQQIA+ students and staff at Deakin University and improving compliance with the recommendations of the Australian LGBTI University Guide.

What is a gender-neutral bathroom or toilet? A gender-neutral bathroom is a bathroom that anyone, irrespective of their sex or gender can use. It is identified by visibly inclusive symbolism, and the facilities are void of gender identifiers and accommodative of the needs of a broader range of people.

A gender-neutral bathroom is a bathroom option not reserved for either male or female-identifying students, but for anyone who wishes to use it. Gender-neutral bathrooms provide safety and privacy for those who may seek it.

Some of the recommended changes within the Gender-Neutral Bathroom Proposal include:

  • That all existing gendered single-stall toilets are re-signed to indicate accessibility for people of all genders.
  • That select gendered multi-stall toilets are re-signed as toilets or toilets without urinals cater to gender-diverse and LGBTQQIA+ students and staff.
  • Future building works at Deakin University will include increased options of single-stall toilets with accompanying sinks and hand dryers, in at least one of each building. Future bathrooms should not contain gendered-signage, instead labelled as ‘All-gender Bathroom”, “Toilet” or “Bathroom”.
  • A map of gender-neutral bathroom locations be made available to students, on both the Deakin University website as well as the database.

DUSA invites all Deakin University students to submit comments, queries or amendments on the Gender-Neutral Bathroom Proposal directly to DUSA via To review the “Gender Neutral Bathroom Proposal” please click here.