18 March 16Hope Terdich

DUSA stands by Warrnambool Students

Deakin University Student Association has met with the Vice Chancellor to discuss the impact and opportunities available to Warrnambool Students in response to announcements surrounding the future of Deakin Warrnambool Campus.

“I met with the Vice Chancellor on Monday,” DUSA President Matthew McDonald said. “The Vice Chancellor has promised that no matter what decision is made, students who have already commenced their studies in Warrnambool will be able to graduate with their Deakin degrees. DUSA will be continuing to work to make sure that your studies can be completed at the Warrnambool campus.”

DUSA understands that a final decision has not yet been made on the future of the campus. It is expected that more will be known in July this year. Throughout the upcoming period DUSA is committed to ensuring the best outcome for students.

“We are dedicated to ensuring that Deakin students’ voices are heard by key decision makers and the broader community.”

The Warrnambool campus is a tight-knit community who have created a second home in the southwest. The campus delivers tertiary opportunities like Teaching, Commerce and Law, that otherwise may be unobtainable by regional students, where relocation to major cities is not a viable option.

“The educational opportunities provided by having the University in Warrnambool, in addition to the cultural and community benefits are incredibly important to the region and we must preserve this asset.”

“To the students of Warrnambool – DUSA is here for you. We are committed to making sure that you receive the support that you deserve in this uncertain time.”

Deakin University Student Association will provide further updates over the coming months, as information is made available.

Please direct all enquiries regarding DUSA to Hope Walker – Marketing & Communications Coordinator 03 9251 7160 or Matthew McDonald – DUSA President 03 9244 6211.