07 March 16Hope Terdich

Get Involved Week - A Student's Perspective

Get Involved – A Student’s Perspective

A student perspective on what getting involved at University is really like....

I moved to Burwood to go to Deakin University from a small country town, four hours away from my friends and family, saying that I was terrified doesn’t do my feelings justice.

On my first day at O’Week I hesitantly ventured into the DUSA club’s tent. The people at the club stalls were extremely nice, but they were completely foreign and I did not know anyone. It was all very surreal.

At the end of O’Week I found myself making the journey back home with a membership to a DUSA club called Deakin Writers in my pocket. I was so scared and friend-less that I cried on my mother’s shoulder that night.

That was four years ago, and I’m not ashamed of that feeling. It was a natural reaction to so many changes in a short period of time. But now, coming up to my forth O’Week, a lot has changed.

After the excitement and newness of University settled, I became involved more heavily with the Deakin Writers Club and started going to some of their events.

I met the Executives and other members, and to me they were rock stars. I wanted to be them, their confidence, their experience and the good times they had while doing what we were all so passionate about.  It was inspiring to me.

Eventually, I became them. In 2015 I became the treasurer of the Deakin Writers, co-production manager of the DUSA student magazine, and most importantly I made friends.

I met some of my best friends through Deakin Writers; ones that will pick me up whenever I call, or know my coffee order, or that walk me right to my door after a night out. I know I’ve met my lifelong friends here at Deakin – all through walking into the DUSA Club’s tent in O’Week.

This O’Week I will be involved. I will look out for resemblances of my first-year self in other commencing students. Because getting involved was the best decision I’ve ever made. They tell you to get involved at University, but what they do not tell you is that the more you get involved, the more university life will give you back.