13 September 17Jesse Mason

Getting Ready This Exam Period

The DUSA Bookshop is here for you this coming exam period.

Perhaps you are looking to prepare yourself by making sure you have everything you need for your next exam. Or maybe you have left it to the last minute and need a ruler and a pen in the next half-hour. Whether you are organized or disorganized, the DUSA bookshop is here to help.

But maybe you just need a way to minimize the stress!

Books are wonderful things. And there are no better ways to unwind from the stress of exam time then with these books. 

Draw with a Vengeance $17.00 at the DUSA Bookshop.

Draw with a Vengeance is an interactive book that submerges you into your own mind to leak out all your negative thoughts through your pencil and onto the page! Or in other words, this book lets you draw bad things—everything that is grinding your gears—into funny scenes that will make you laugh. The best part is that you don’t have to be good at drawing!

It is perfect for this time of year during exams when anything could tip you over the edge. This could be the perfect idea for a friend who feels the heat around exam time! But you don’t have to draw in the book alone. Do it with your best friend and laugh at how you interact with the pages together!

The only thing your friend might like more this exam period is a book that will make them laugh! Laughter is the best method to cope through the stressful times around exams. 

Bad Little Children $19.99 at the DUSA Bookshop.

Bad Little Children is the book that does just this. Go into the DUSA Bookshop and see for yourself. It is sure not to disappoint. You will be laughing on every page.  Great for yourself or for a gift idea for those who need a laugh this exam period.

While the DUSA bookshop is great for helping easing stress during exam time. It is equally just as useful to help you prepare for your exams.

So, you like to be organised for your exams. You study hard and this exam period is no exception. Great stuff! *pats you on the back* But keeping organised is no easy feat. There are strategies to help you stay on track and we can help you with what you need.

Firstly, there are the essentials. Where are the post it notes?  Well as long as you are near the DUSA Bookstore, you will never miss an important quote. 

Highland Self-Stick Notes, .80c | Coloured Post It Notes $2.95 | StickOn clearflags (Semi transparent) $4.95 | StickOn flags $5.95 at the DUSA Bookshop.

But there are other ways to help study. Some of us put up posters in the toilet so we can study around the clock. But what about when you go to the fridge to get yourself a snack? Well, for the science students, then try these fridge magnets! Every snack break away from study is bound to make you at least 2% smarter*

* 2% increase in smartness not guaranteed.

For non-science people we also have frame fridge magnets. They are perfect to put some study notes on the fridge or just to frame a picture of your loved ones.  

Periodic Table Fridge Magnets, $12.95 | Magnet Photo Frame (x2) only $1.00 at the DUSA Bookshop.

And finally, the DUSA bookshop even has a 3D puzzle for those wanting to sharpen their cognitive skills before an exam. It is important to remember not to drain your brain during this exam period.

Trying to cram in hours of study can disengage our brains and leave us feeling drained during an exam. To make sure you are feeling sharp eat a healthy breakfast, get plenty of sleep and try doing puzzle beforehand to exercise your brain to ensure you are at your prime!

Crystal Puzzle, $14.95 at the DUSA Bookshop.

The DUSA bookshop is both great for helping you prepare for this coming exam period and great for helping easing stress during exam time. But it also can be a savior for those who forget something they need for their exam and must make a last-minute dash!

So, you are in a rush are you? Well… you’re not in a rush right this instance, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. And if you were reading this instead of sitting your exam, then I am not sure you will be able to redeem any get-out-of-jail-free card with that excuse. But let’s just say that you are one of those people who is usually in a rush.

You are the fashionably late friend. You like to live near the edge. Regardless, you just need supplies for your exam and QUICK!

The DUSA Bookshop has a range of biros, erasers, rulers and other essentials that you can pick up off the shelf with ease, rush along and make it to your exam ready to ace it. 

Pencil Case Pack (Everything you need for your exam incl. pencil case, ruler, pens, pencil and eraser), $5.00 | Highlighter, $150 | Basic pens, .80c | Plastic Ruler, $1.30 / OSMER wooden ruler, $1.00 | OSMER Metal Ruler, $4.50 at the DUSA Bookshop.

If you have a little more time, maybe you need pencil set with a little more style.

In an exam situation, you are not allowed to take much with you into the room. So, the little things you do get to take in, make sure it has the flair to spark you into action. At the very least, you can say you added some much needed feng shui to an unexciting exam room. Sometimes it really is the little things that matter.   

Pencil Set, $17.95 | Novelty Erasers, $5.95ea at the DUSA Bookshop. 

A pen is more than just a pen to a Graphic Designer or Artist. If you are a design student and finishing off your folio or have a big assignment then don’t forget that the DUSA Bookshop has all the best quality materials you need. Designers know that the quality of their tools adds that extra polish to their beautiful designs.

But for those who are not designers or artists, maybe you need some good quality pencils to colour and unwind from the stress of exam time!

Colouring books are more popular than ever with many adult colouring books on the market. And there is a reason it is so popular! Colouring is a great way to escape. If you’re not one to sit down and read a novel or simply looking for a new hobby, then we can help you get started. 


Artists 12 blendable colour pencils, $29.95 | Graphic 12 medium graphite pencils, $36.45 at the DUSA Bookshop. 

Good luck with your Exams!

Visit the DUSA Bookshop here.