09 October 15Hope Terdich

Great Barrier Reef: Deakin Environment and Sustainability Club Visit

Our Warrnambool Deakin Environment and Sustainability club recently ventured to the Great Barrier Reef in conjunction with Reef Check Australia to complete a research trip.

The REEFsearch adventure trip was across several days, with the students experiencing and learning about the organisms and substrates that make up our Great Barrier Reef. The students were also exposed to the threats that our reefs and oceans face in the current world climate.

Simone Ramage, Deakin Warrnambool student, said about the experience “I am so appreciative that I was able to be involved with Reef Check Australia's REEFSearch program. A massive thank you must go out to the DUSA for approving grants for us to be able to go on the trip. It was a fantastic opportunity to fulfil my childhood dream of seeing the Great Barrier Reef. I was so excited to see all the coral formations and I hope to be able to use my new found knowledge and skills to conduct a REEFSearch on my own the next time I visit.”

DUSA is proud to support and help facilitate fantastic club initiatives like the Deakin Environment and Sustainability Club. Be sure to head to your campus DUSA office to find out more on joining or creating your own club.


Group picture 

Collecting Data

Group Snorkelling

Collecting Data