18 August 16Hope Terdich


A proud part of DUSA are Clubs & Societies, where there are over 150 clubs available for Deakin students to join across all campuses. The interests of the Clubs vary, from sport and language, to cultural, social, religious or special interest, there is a group for almost every interest available to join.

This week DUSA is showcasing one of most vibrant clubs, the Deakin Spanish Club (Burwood).

The Deakin Spanish Club is a multicultural club, where native Spanish speakers and non-Spanish speakers come together to run multiple activities such as language exchange, fiestas (parties), Spanish film nights and the new mentor programs throughout the year.

The Spanish club is an amalgamation of culture, fun and friends. “We enhance members’ knowledge of Spanish and Latin culture and encourage intercultural awareness by having both domestic and international students involved.” David Leal, the current Deakin Spanish Club President explains.

“We have members from all around the world and all different walks of life…. You can become a member even if you don’t speak Spanish!”

The Spanish club currently has over 150 members, and has been growing consistently since its inception in 2014. The Club has a $3 of joining fee for DUSA members and organizes frequent free activities that also allow students to bring their friends along.

The Deakin Spanish Club a supportive, fun and incredibly friendly group, it provides the perfect environment who students who are looking to make university life just that little bit more exciting… and learn a new language!

To find out more about DUSA’s Clubs & Societies click here. To join the Deakin Spanish Club click here.