21 March 16Hope Terdich

Health & Wellbeing Week - A Student's Perspective

Health & Wellbeing Week – A Student’s Perspective

A student gave us their perspective on what Health & Wellbeing looks like at University...

University Games is sporting mecca, hundreds of universities from across Australia all descend on one city for a week of adventure. University Games is also like a cheeky holiday during University, where you get to run around and obviously play sport, but additionally meet lots of cool people, and go to lots of parties.

University Games is competitive and full of University pride, but it is not taken too seriously, so I have found it a fantastic place to meet people and have a bit of fun.

I went to Southern University Games in 2013 where I knew one person on the team, but by the end of the week it was like we were a family – as cliché as that sounds. As a family, we would all get ready together and head into parties together. It was like I had just met my long lost best friends, who knew you could make that good a friends in a week?

University Games book out the venues to be used exclusively by athletes attending, and the entire thing gets turned into a massive adventure. Everyone gets really into the costume theme (each night has a different theme, such as ‘Anything-But-Clothes (ABC)’, ‘Where’s Wally?’, ‘Zombies’, etc.), so nobody was shy about going all out with the costumes. I would absolutely recommend it to other people.

When I went to Southern University Games in 2013 (and again in 2014!), I played Ultimate Frisbee, which (as it turns out) is a really tight community – you will find a lot of people play together outside of University Games. So by the end of it, you walk away knowing people from other universities, and it was really nice avenue into the wider Ultimate Frisbee community.

So, should you do it? Absolutely. Sport, friends and parties – what is not to love? Besides, in 2016 it is in Melbourne, so there is no excuse not to come along!