09 August 18Sophie Tudor

Healthy Eating on a Student Budget

Welcome to our Food Lovers' Blog Series! 

With assignments looming, late nights cramming and tight student budgets, we often overlook healthy and wholesome meals that will help fuel our bodies and minds. But eating well doesn’t necessarily mean blowing your grocery budget. 

These tasty tips will keep your belly and your wallet happy! 

Bulk Up

If you know you use a certain food item in the kitchen a lot, it makes sense to buy it in bulk. And no, that doesn’t mean buying that family pack of Tim Tams. Think everyday items that aren’t going to expire in a hurry, like pasta, oil or flour. Discount supermarkets like Aldi are fantastic for going big. Repeat after us - Aldi is your friend. 

The outlay might be higher, but in the long term will save you big bucks and trips to the supermarket. Heading to a local market for your fresh produce is also good, cheap fun. You won’t believe how much you save on your fruit and veg, plus the good vibes and community atmosphere turns your grocery shop into a cool day out.

Be Prepared

Use your Sunday night to prepare your meals for the week. Chuck on some tunes and cook up a storm, then package your meals into containers to refrigerate or freeze. Your future self will thank you after a long day at uni. 

You can even make some tasty lunches to zap in the microwaves on campus rather than being lured by that avocado bagel from the café. DUSA even has microwaves on campus available to all students. Struggling for meal ideas? Websites like Taste have thousands of simple and healthy meal ideas which will make you feel like the next MasterChef. 

Don’t Shop Hungry

Rookie error: grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Chances are you’ll come home with a bunch of snack foods and an empty wallet. Go to the supermarket after a good meal so you won’t be dictated by your growling belly. Write a shopping list and stick to it so you won’t be led astray by that sneaky confectionary aisle. 

There are some great shopping list apps on the market so there’s no excuse to forget your list! Out Of Milk lets you sync your list with your housemates, tick things off as you shop and keep track of what you have in your pantry.

Live a Little

It’s okay to treat yourself sometimes, as long as you don’t fall into expensive or unhealthy habits. Have a few squares of chocolate now and again, and as long as you’re not inhaling the whole block, you don’t need to feel guilty! Life is all about balance and moderation. Put aside a bit of money each week so you can order a delicious take away meal or head out for dinner with mates. Don’t forget to flash your DUSA membership for some great discounts on local eateries!

Bon Appétit!