30 June 15Hope Terdich

Indigenous Games Blog Day 1 and Day 2

DUSA is pleased to present our student blogs from the Indigenous Games! We have Day 1 & 2 up for your reading pleasure. Check back everyday for more updates. Go Dragons!

Deakin Indigenous Dragons: Day 1

Day 1 saw the Deakin Indigenous Dragons depart from their homes all across Australia and fly to Sydney, thanks to DUSA. We then set off from Sydney to Newcastle! Along the way the team got a bite to eat at Wyong. The team seemed relieved to see a bunch of food shops (especially Maccas), as we were all a bit hungry! Once full the team jumped back on the bus and headed for Newcastle.

Arriving into Newcastle and at the Crown on Darby, we were all keen to get to see who we were rooming with and who we were able to swap with so we could spend some catch up time with the people we usually bunked or hung with at IKE (Institute of Koorie Education). The team were very happy with the arrangements and their roomies, except our two biggest fellas Paul and Will, these two boys received the smallest room and the rest of the team got either bigger or the more cosy rooms available. There was a sad moment with some laughter attached but it all panned out and they were happy with their room in the end.

Once settled in, everyone set off to do the rounds and check out the sights in Newcastle. Everybody seemed to end up in the right place after a mission to find the closest supermarket! Getting back to the Hotel, our DUSA team of Jack and Ed had sorted out all our groceries and essentials the team may need for the upcoming week.

At 7pm the team was called to the courtyard of the hotel to receive our uniforms, kindly donated by S-Trend and also to decide what was for dinner, pizza was the winner! Everyone commuted up to room 8 where dinner was well received by all, and then everybody was full and ready to snuggle up in their warm beds ready for training Saturday morning!

Deakin Indigenous Dragons: Day 2

Saturday morning brought a pump factor to the team, as it was our first day of training and the first day of playing as a team. Meeting at 10am, everyone was really excited to set off to the University of Newcastle and train together for the first time.

First off the list was Touch Football:

Touch training started off with the grass wet and muddy, but this did not deter the team, as they carried on strong and got stuck into training! Djarwan and Ben ran the training session, and as a result, the team found it helpful and they all learnt the basics of touch. As the time carried on improvement could be seen in the team and how they functioned together, we all agreed that it got easier as we talked and assisted each other in the areas we were struggling with.

Second was basketball:

Reno ran the training session for basketball after lunch, the team seemed to have strong form and we all worked very well together. Basketball will be a breeze, and the team will be more solid once on court.

Third was volleyball:

Deakin Dragons showed promising talent once on the court for volleyball. The team showed so much sportsmanship and were so excited once we were able to all play in an exciting team sport. The dragons became more and more sturdy and stouter as they played on, it was very exciting to see everyone have fun and an awesome time on court. We as a team are all looking forward to playing the other awesome teams throughout the competition.

And last was netball:

Lillian and Jess did a good job with the team yesterday when they ran the training session for netball. It was really awesome to see that everyone was enjoying the time we spent practicing for the games, hopefully no one runs with the ball. This will be fun and very amusing at the same time, kick butt everyone!

After a full on day of training for the Dragons, we all set back on the track for the hotel to relax for a couple of hours and get ready for the team dinner at The Grand Hotel organised by DUSA.

Team dinner:

Well it was time for dinner and people were very happy to just get to the restaurant as there was a very hilly walk that we all had to conquer. On top of all that exercise, I also think people were just ready to have a beer, a good dinner and a good yarn. It was very yummy and everyone enjoyed it, which was a bonus! Then it was time to head back to the Crown on Darby for a good night’s rest and recovery. Ready for the opening ceremony and meeting of all the teams apart of this year’s 2015 National Indigenous Tertiary Education Student Games (NITESG 2015).