08 June 18Sophie Tudor

Life-Changing Scholarship for DUSA Member

DUSA member and Cloud student, Zoe, was struggling to afford university essentials when she decided that it was time to apply for one of the eleven $3,000 scholarships we offered on a yearly basis. 

An old $250 laptop without vital dictation software and frequent three-hour journeys to the hospital took a massive toll on Zoe’s physical and emotional well-being, and due to her chronic medical condition after paying for medication and high living expenses, she barely had any money left for new textbooks and supplies. 

The marvelous thing about the DUSA scholarships is that they can be altered towards the specific needs of each individual, and in Zoe’s case, the appeal of a petrol voucher and a new computer attracted her to the scholarship application like a moth to a flame!  

“I just really wanted a new computer so I could use the software I needed for one of my classes and the dictation software, and also because my little computer was starting to break. Everything else was just a huge bonus – it felt like Christmas!” said Zoe. 

As part of Zoe’s scholarship, she received a petrol voucher, a new laptop, laptop software, campus credit and a DUSA Gold Membership. All these things enabled her to study in a more convenient way and give her access to vital resources, especially when she frequented the hospital on a regular basis. 

“My life, for the basics to survive, costs more than other people's. It isn't just the cost of going to hospital, or even the fact that my illness doesn't allow me to work in traditional ways making it hard to make any extra money. It is that my day-to-day needs like medication and aids that allow me to live like catheters, enemas, mobility aids, special food and drink, all cost much more. 

“Affording to study for people on disability pensions with high cost of living is extremely hard and really stressful. These students are so disadvantaged and helping them really can mean the difference between succeeding or failing sometimes. We should always see our privilege in society and find ways to help those that are disadvantaged for some reason or another. I feel this is our duty as ethical members of a society,” explained Zoe. 

Here at DUSA, we are all so thrilled to know that Zoe’s new computer will help her whilst she is studying in hospital, and also at home when her mobility is limited. 

“I am extremely grateful to DUSA. Their help allowed me to reduce my stress and access things I couldn't before, and both of these will help me succeed in my degree.”  

Good on ya Zoe! For more information about DUSA scholarships, please visit: