14 February 18Sophie Tudor

MEDIA RELEASE: DUSA Response to Changes in Campus Carparking

As of January 1st 2018, Deakin University has implemented changes to the ways in which students can park on campus. These fall into two categories:

Changes To Rates

· 120-day general permits now cost $162.20 (an increase of $25)

· 365-day general permits now cost $365 (an increase of $90)

· Casual hourly rates are now $1.60 per hour (an increase of 10 cents an hour)

· Casual daily rates are now $6.40 per day (an increase of 40 cents per day)

Changes To Availability
While parking will continue to be free at Warrnambool and the availability of permits remains the same at Burwood and Waurn Ponds, there is significant change at the Waterfront Campus. General student parking permits are no longer available or valid at the Waterfront Campus, and parking can now only be paid at hourly or daily rates via CellOPark.

DUSA Response
The availability of car parking on campus and the associated costs are issues that DUSA are well aware impact a majority of students. “While we acknowledge that Deakin University have not increased parking fees since 2014, DUSA are firm in our stance that parking should not become cost prohibitive and that our campuses should be easily accessible to all students,” stated Deakin University Student Association, President Lauren Hustwaite.

Over the course of the introduction of these changes, DUSA has advocated for students and will continue to do so. Deakin University has made the commitment that additional revenue from parking costs will go towards alternative means of sustainable transport and supporting DUSA’s Transport Assistance Program. This approach of providing fiscal support to students who need it, and investment in multiple options of sustainable transport is one that DUSA endorses. DUSA is committed to working closely with Deakin University and ensuring that these plans are not only implemented, but done so at the appropriate level.

DUSA appreciate the limited space available at the Waterfront campus, an issue that we have previously raised and is currently being mitigated by the intercampus shuttle bus and park and ride services. However DUSA are concerned about the potential detrimental impacts the removal of general permits may have on students, and whether the current levels of service will be sufficient.

Other areas of particular concern are for students living on res, those who need to drive to campus due to distance, the availability and safety of public transport and the financial disadvantage and hardship some students may experience as a result of these changes.

DUSA will undertake further consultation with students regarding these concerns and advocate that Deakin University address them.

DUSA Commits To:

· Continue the provision of the DUSA Transport Assistance Program.

· Conduct student surveys and consultation to establish in what ways these changes impact students and to what extent.

· Advocate for the provision of increased and additional services, such as the Geelong intercampus shuttle bus and park and ride services.

· Advocate for increased access to campus via public transport and the sufficient provision of facilities to support alternatives, like bike commuting.

· Continue to consult with and lobby Deakin University to ensure that any current or future planned changes to parking have the least detrimental impact to students possible.

For more information regarding parking at Deakin, please refer to

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