30 May 16Hope Terdich



Hi there. I'm Dana Harding and I'm a candidate for the Deakin University Council Elections. Check out my video, read my statement and vote for me as your preferred candidate!

I am the current Vice President of Deakin University Student Association (DUSA) and have extensive experience in representing students across every level of the University. I am a sitting member of Academic Board, the University Senior Management Group, and have previously served terms as an Undergraduate Representative on Faculty Boards. I am in the second last (penultimate) year of my studies, completing a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Laws.

Prior to my time at DUSA, I was heavily involved with several student societies including the Deakin Science Society (President) and Deakin Law Students’ Society (Vice President - Education). These experiences provided me the opportunity to meet and work with a diverse range of people, and to understand the importance of an engaging student experience in student success. I value honesty, integrity and hard work, and believe that putting students first is crucial to Deakin’s success as a university and in maintaining Deakin’s position as a leader in student satisfaction.

If elected as the Student Representative to University Council, I will bring a blend of governance experience and my passion for students to ensure that students are front and centre in Deakin’s plans going forward.

Please vote for me HERE by putting a number 1 next to my name - Dana Harding!