18 June 15Hope Terdich

Meet Tanisha!

Meet Tanisha Cabales!

DUSA recently spoke to a select few of our Indigenous athletes who are gearing up to participate at the 20th Annual National Indigenous Tertiary Education Student Games. The Indigenous Games are subset of Australian University Sport, where these games aim to recognize and celebrate the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture of Australia, whilst also promoting the importance of fitness, health and well being within these communities. This year the games are to be held in Newcastle NSW from 28th June to 2nd July and Deakin Dragons are sending a team of elite athletes and Tanisha Cabales is one of them!

DUSA got the facts about Tanisha, an energetic, adventure seeking, second year Nursing Student at Deakin Institute of Koorie Education, and asked few questions about herself, her study and her experience at the games.

Tell us about yourself?

I am a little bit of an adventurist; I never like to be BORED! Love a challenge in my life, never in one spot for to long and always looking forward to something new and exciting. I have a dog (he also likes to travel he is currently living in Canberra keeping his nanny company) his name is Miargi, he turns 3 years old on Halloween! I love chilling and watching TV shows on my laptop in my bed, just an awesome lazy quality”

Aside from her relaxing qualities, Tanisha is also an active member of her community, she says she is always seeking out events and activities and has met “many influential and uplifting people here in Victoria. I love the #UNILYF and my #UNIFAMBAM”.

What would be your dream job or career after you finish at Deakin?

After I have finished my Degree @ Deakin, I would love to commence my graduate year in paediatrics and then complete my specialty year as a PICU nurse (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit Nurse). I have many big aspirations that I look forward to completing once I have been through the rest of the hard yards.

You’re competing at the Indigenous Games again, what sports are you representing Deakin University at?

I will be participating in Netball, Volleyball and Touch football at this years games, I competed for the first time last year in the 2014 Indigenous University Games in Perth. It was Deakin's first team ever! I am looking foreword to seeing all those faces from last year’s games and can't wait to see the new faces apart of all the awesome participating teams!!

The Indigenous Games provided me with the experience of representing all Indigenous students nation wide, as well as making contacts and friends along the way.

And final question if you could tell your fellow students one thing (anything in the world) what would it be?

I would let them know that these games are all about having fun, getting to know new people, playing your favourite sports and being active!

Most of all discovering new and exciting places that you may not have been before, also a BONUS!!

DUSA wishes Tanisha Cabales and the Indigenous Games Team good luck!