21 March 18Sophie Tudor

O'Week Club Experiences

At DUSA, we love to hear the experiences of our Clubs & Societies, whether it's at one of their competitions or social gatherings, or at DUSA-led events. The Deakin Enviro Club and Deakin Cheer Club (Geelong) penciled down their thoughts on the extragravant O'Week Market Days, and we thought it'd only be fair to share them on our website!

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Deakin Enviro Club - Burwood

The Deakin Enviro Club had an excellent O’Week experience. We had a huge amount of interest in the club and plenty of new sign ups! We featured Animals of Oz at our stall on Day 3, which was extremely successful in drawing large crowds of students. People were flocking to the stall to pat and handle the beautiful lizards and a great big python that Animals of Oz brought along. One of our favourite moments from O’Week was seeing people who had never touched a lizard or snake before carefully patting the reptiles and deciding to try something new and sign up to this club! 

The Deakin Enviro Club committee put a lot of hard work into organising our O’Week stall. This included organising merchandise, sourcing decorations, filling out paperwork, designing posters, and wrangling reptiles; our team did all! 

All of our hard work paid off, and we were thrilled with the result from the stall because we managed to beat our sign-up record from the previous year. O’Week really demonstrated that the best part of being a Deakin Enviro Club executive is the sense of camaraderie amongst the seven executives, and the dedication everyone has to ensuring we provide the best experience possible for our members.

The Team at Deakin Enviro Club

Deakin Cheer Club (Geelong)

We had a very uplifting and positive experience during O’Week. It was great seeing plenty of new faces and potential athletes showing us their energy and interest in joining our club. We had plenty of new sign-ups and interest in joining our teams ranging from people who have never danced before, to people who have been dancing or cheering their whole lives.

We also performed three times at Waterfront and four times at Waurn Ponds to showcase our cheer, hip hop and pom teams. This sparked a lot of student interest to join our club! Our athletes participated in three weeks of preseason training to prepare for these performance, so we were absolutely ecstatic with our results.

A highlight for our team was being able to see our athletes perform and the positive reactions from on-lookers of the club’s talent. It was wonderful connecting and talking with students who were interested in joining the club, learning about their hobbies, past sporting experiences and what they love about University.

Our O’Week Co-ordinator, Jessie, and Treasurer, Ellie, put together over 100 membership bags as well as hundreds of lolly bags to entice new members! Lily, our Fundraising and Sponsorship Co-ordinator, hustled some great deals from various businesses and sponsor’s to provide our members with extra benefits.

Being a part of the club executive team allows us to give back to our Cheer Club community. The efforts of our team, the committee and our club members allow us to continue to create a place for people to dance and cheer and stay active at University. We are able to help the club flourish and assist our members in making friendships, learning new skills and falling in love with new sports.

The Team at Deakin Cheer Club