07 March 16Hope Terdich


Plus 4

Welcome back to University for 2016 and welcome to PLUS 4! Now in its third year the DUSA initiative is a four-week extension to the festivities and fun of Orientation Week.

This month long event provides the newbies and you returning students a chance to explore university life, while getting to understand the Deakin Community. Each week has a different theme with fun activities, free food, free DUSA showbags, free entertainment and lots of other free & fun things for you to explore. Check out what's on below or here:

Week one – Welcome Back Week

Welcome Back to university and to the first week of Plus 4! The opening week is about familiarising you with everything on offer in 2016 including services, faculties, campuses and facilities, study programs and networks. Welcome to your Deakin! 

  • Burwood dates: March 8th & 9th
  • Geelong dates: March 8th & 10th
  • Warrnambool dates: March 8th & 9th

Week 2 – Get Involved Week

Get Involved in campus life with Week 2 of the Plus 4 program! Get Involved showcases the spirit of university and its community, experience DUSA clubs & societies, red shirt volunteer programs, Deakin Dragons sporting teams along with local businesses in your area. 

  • Burwood dates: March 16th & 17th
  • Geelong dates: March 15th & 17th
  • Warrnambool dates: March 16th & 17th

Week 3 – Survival Week

Survival week has arrived, and we’re here to give you the tips, tricks and tools to help you survive university and real life. Week 3 provides you with access to the practical skills you will need, from learning how to budget, finding a job, making conversation or basic first aid.

  • Burwood dates: March 22nd & 23rd
  • Geelong dates: March 22nd & 23rd
  • Warrnambool dates: March 22nd & 23rd

Week 4 – Health & Wellbeing Week

The final week of Plus 4 is all about Health, Wellbeing and Safety. A healthy mind, body and soul is an important element for your personal and academic success. Learn how to feel safe in your community and explore healthy opportunities like games and sports, nutrition information and seminars through out Week 4.

  • Burwood dates: April 5th & 6th
  • Geelong dates: April 6th & 7th
  • Warrnambool dates: April 5th & 6th


For the full program visit the PLUS 4 webpage.