26 May 16Hope Terdich


Student association fights for regional education

Deakin University Student Association (DUSA) has launched the #DUSA4WARRNAMBOOL video campaign petitioning to save Deakin University’s regional tertiary campus in Warrnambool. DUSA is empowering the student body and local community by sharing stories and highlighting potential consequences that the loss of another regional tertiary institution would have on rural communities.

Deakin University is currently in discussions surrounding the future of the Deakin Warrnambool campus.

Matthew McDonald, DUSA Student President, said today that, “There has been a lot of anxiety amongst the student body over the past couple of months. Losing tertiary education in Warrnambool would be devastating to the students and the local community. We want Deakin to stay in the region, and we wanted to provide students with the opportunity to tell their stories and show everyone the true value of the campus."

DUSA has been working extensively over the past 8-weeks to give a voice and presence to the Warrnambool student body. Education institutions play significant roles in the rural regions it occupies. They offer significant financial, social, educational and research benefits that otherwise would be unobtainable in the community.

The #DUSA4WARRNAMBOOL campaign spoke to over 30 Deakin Warrnambool Students as well as key community members like Sinclair Wilson and the Ginger Kitchen. Sinclair Wilson, Tax Accountants in Warrnambool, currently employ 50 graduates of the Deakin Warrnambool Campus, including 15 of their 20 partners, following a path that many Deakin Warrnambool graduates have been afforded while significantly contributing to the community.

Peg O’Keefe, the DUSA Warrnambool Campus Coordinator said that, “Student Associations are here to represent the student voice and our Warrnambool students need to be heard. Their stories, struggles and triumphs are what shape and create the essence of Warrnambool.”

“If these opportunities were to leave Warrnambool, where year 12 attainment rates are well below the national average, we could potentially see increasing numbers of high school students discouraged from completing VCE. Then what future does that leave for the community?”

Deakin Warrnambool campus is alive with regional students undertaking studies in Teaching, Commerce and Law, and industry leading Marine Biology Studies that otherwise may be unobtainable by these students as relocation to major cities is not a viable option.

For further information, please contact: Hope Walker – Marketing and Communications on 9251 7160 or Alternatively, those wishing to pledge their support for regional education can sign the pledge at here.