30 April 18Priscilla Villani

Pride Week 2018 - Australia Said Yes! Now What? ๐ŸŒˆ

DUSA’s Pride Week is nearly here and it’s the perfect excuse to ditch the traditional Melbourne black and bring out a more colourful attire!

From 14 – 18 May, Pride Week will be lighting up Deakin campuses in rainbow to celebrate remembrance, love, acceptance and support of the LGBTIQ+ community, and whether you’re a member of this community or an ally, we want you to think about this very important message - ‘Australia Said Yes! Now What?’.

Last year’s focus on equalizing marriage equality was a wonderful step in the right direction, but is it enough to completely erase discrimination and prejudice against the queer community?

Our answer isn’t no; but it is not yet.

We know that Pride Week isn’t just an excuse for colourful parades or parties, (even though that’s an essential part of Pride Week), it symbolises so much more than that - hope, strength, unity, and most importantly, raising awareness about issues that still affect people in the LGBTIQ+ community on a daily basis.

DUSA Queer Officer, Vanessa Agar, said there are a number of matters that still need to be addressed post-marriage equality vote.

“I want Pride Week to be a bold cry to show that there are people beyond LGB. Last year, the marriage equality was the focus (and rightly so) and while it has benefits for some, it doesn’t reflect the needs of the majority of trans and gender diverse people. It’s our job at DUSA, and personally as an ambassador for the trans community, to draw attention to a range of issues beyond marriage equality, some of which are arguably life-changing.

“Trans and gender diverse people still face discrimination with equal rights to birth certificates, unemployment and hormone replacement therapy, so it’s sad to see such slow progress from our Australian government. Pride Week will aim to shine a light on these problems, as well as build our community of supportive allies at Deakin,” explained Vanessa.

Indeed, there are a number of reasons why it’s so important to celebrate Pride Week at Deakin, including the most obvious – ensuring all students feel safe, accepted and loved.

Pride Week is a chance, not only to raise awareness about imperative concerns, but also to celebrate and honour the rights we have now attained because of the incredible work the queer community and its allies have done throughout the decades.

“DUSA is a part of the fight for equality on all Deakin campuses, and by celebrating Pride Week and the LGBTIQ+ community, we are saying ‘you are welcome at DUSA events, you are welcome on campus and you are welcome in this world. That is a powerful message, and one which needs to be heard by all students,” said Vanessa.

DUSA will be holding a number of events during Pride Week – check out what’s happening at a campus near you!

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