14 April 16Hope Terdich


Leontin Pawape is another story distinctive to Warrnambool campus, her story rings true with many others who chose Deakin University for the different type of opportunities it provides.

“I had the opportunity to study at a University in New South Wales. But I chose to attend Deakin University in Warrnambool. It gave me the chance to study at a rural University – away from the hype of the city.

I have seen first-hand how the Warrnambool campus has provided a quality education and made a positive impact on former students; I have known many students working through Victoria and interstate because of the degree that they achieved at the Warrnambool campus.

For myself, having the chance to achieve a law degree has meant the world to me. I have always wanted to help people, and this degree can help me do just that.

Higher education in Warrnambool really gives the chance for students to be involved in the wider community like through local sports clubs, which I have been a part. The loss of the tertiary opportunities in the region would affect future university students who will miss the great opportunity of studying on a rural campus as well as the wider community in this region.”