28 April 16Hope Terdich


Hannah Tseglakof, a Deakin student, who through her attendance at the Warrnambool campus has been provided with new opportunities in her professional, academic and personal life. She is currently a third year Marine Biology Student. Here is just a taste of Hannah's story:

“I had the opportunity to go to a different university. However, I decided to study at Warrnambool, as I wanted to change my life completely.

I grew up in suburban Melbourne, and sought the opportunity to live in a regional city while still getting the quality education I would need to get a job in my chosen field.   

I was interested in studying Marine Biology, and I knew the prestige and reputation of Deakin Universities Marine Biology Course. Deakin was the avenue for me to learn about the many unique marine species found only in south-west Victoria. I would hate to see the degree move to somewhere there is no access to this amazing natural resource.

Having the chance to achieve a university degree has meant a lot to me, it has made it possible for me to get my dream job while also giving me an opportunity to travel the world.

I’m not the only one who would be disadvantaged by the loss of higher education in Warrnambool, many mature age students in the area will now be faced with the choice of moving their family to another area to access tertiary education, or never be able to achieve the education they need to increase their job opportunities. High school leavers should not be forced to move away from home to get an education. 

Higher education centres in regional communities additionally help residents to improve their job prospects. It also stimulates the local economy. I personally know many former Deakin Warrnambool Campus Students that have been given the opportunity to gain jobs in the local area, other regional centres and give back to the local community, all because of the access to Deakin tertiary education.”