11 May 16Hope Terdich


DUSA sat down with Lizzie Smith, another student of Warrnambool whose story is like so many others. Learn about her feelings, and let us join together to help regional students like Lizzie have equal access to tertiary education.

Why do you study at Warrnambool?

I study in Warrnambool because I was a few points under getting into Geelong, so thought I would study in Warrnambool for the first trimester then transfer to Geelong, but loved the campus, my teachers and the small classes so decided to stay. Over the last 3 years, I have considered transferring but always choose to stay in Warrnambool because of the friends in my classes and because I have the same great teachers trimester after trimester who know my name and say hi around the campus.

What has the chance to achieve a university degree meant to you?

Achieving a university degree means I can study what I love and work in the field that I am most passionate about.

Who would be disadvantaged by the loss of higher education in your region?

Students and communities would be at a loss if there were no university in the area. Students would have to move from their homes to study, resulting in the communities losing the influx of people to encourage their local economy.

Did you have the opportunity to go to a different university?

I could have applied to La Trobe but chose Deakin so I could stay close to home (Camperdown).

How important do you think the opportunities made by higher education are to this region?

Very. We have fantastic schools, hospitals and natural environments in this area, all of which utilise university-trained people and flourish due to these people.

How have you seen this campus make a positive impact on former students?

Former students are generally more competent in their field. Deakin Warrnambool students have extensive group discussions within the small classes and have easier access to teaching staff, who will go out of their way to make sure students who are seeking help to understand things will be able to comprehend them fully. This results in a more practical experience and confidence.

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