11 May 16Hope Terdich


Meet Sarah Dzialowy, she is currently studying at the Warrnambool Campus as an international student. She is another Deakin student whose will drastically change if there is a closure of tertiary education in Warrnambool.

“My home university in the United States of America has a partnership with Deakin University, and while I had other offers to attend other universities, I was only willing to choose the university that provided me with the opportunity to go to Australia.

As an International Student this has provided me with a chance to delve into another culture and meet lifelong friends that I otherwise would have never met.

The Warrnambool campus has not only widened my view of the world, but it has also provided me the ample opportunity to further study my passion, Marine Biology.

Without higher education in Warrnambool, many International Students like myself and others before me, would be denied the same opportunity to study the unique marine life found in the Warrnambool region.”

Do not let Sarah’s journey be for nothing. Sign our petition and help enrich people’s lives that otherwise would never have experienced the beauty that is Warrnambool.

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