14 April 16Hope Terdich


“I knew that I wanted to be a Marine Biologist from a young age.” Simone Ramage, a Deakin Warrnambool Student explained to DUSA, “and I knew there are few universities in Australia that offer a Marine Biology course, let alone ones close to home.”

“I was comfortable making that decision because I knew that Deakin University’s Warrnambool Campus offered a world-renowned Marine Biology Course - I was assured that I didn’t have to move to a different area to receive a quality education.

The Warrnambool Campus has allowed students the chance to pursue further optional studies and courses and take part in numerous volunteering opportunities, not just within the local community but also to local businesses and government departments which allow you to acquire unique experiences in your chosen field.

As a student studying to be a Marine Biologist, the Warrnambool location offers me an exceptional advantage. I am close to the rivers, estuary and the ocean, and I am also often able to participate in fieldwork. And I would have never have had the opportunity to be a part of the Middle Island Maremma project (as seen in the Australian film ‘Oddball’).

Many potential Warrnambool students would be extremely disadvantaged if they did not receive an opportunity to complete tertiary education in their home region. For many, moving to a metropolitan setting is not a viable or desirable option. They’re not the only ones that would suffer; local businesses and community groups will also struggle with a loss of income and potential employees.

I personally know many former Marine Biology students who are now undertaking amazing projects in Cairns, Bahamas and Maldives, just to name a few. Opportunities that were made possible to them because of the knowledge base provided by Deakin, putting them ahead of the competition in their careers.

Deakin has provided me with opportunities I would never have ever imagined.”