14 April 16Hope Terdich


Thomas Campbell is a third year Education student at Deakin University Warrnambool. Thomas is also the current Green’s candidate for Wannon. Read Thomas’ story as he represents the student and political voices of Warrnambool.

“As a nation we have the responsibility to ensure our education system from start to finish is universally accessible, well-resourced and of the highest quality.

Differences in educational outcomes and opportunities should not be the result of differences in wealth, income or location.

Tertiary education adds to our economic prosperity, strengthens our regional areas, but most importantly, it empowers individuals.

Universities are not just degree factories, they provide a pathway for Australians to realise their dreams and create a better world.

There are big challenges we face in the future, with a transitioning economy, climate change and issues that will require bold new thinking, imagination and cutting edge ideas.

We disadvantage our nation when we disadvantage any Australian from striving to reach their potential. Universities should not be a privilege for capital cities, they can and should be a right for all Australians.”