02 October 18Henry Glenn

Simple Ways to Improve your Exam Study

Exam time is nearly upon us and with exams come the inevitable stresses they bring. Classes become less and less populous, while the library fills to bursting, and all the while a frantic mood fills the air. Well, to help you through exams we’ve got a few tips and tricks you might not have been expecting.

Study tips on note taking and revision are important to say the least but they leave out a crucial concern; you. Your body and mind are the machines that allow you to pump through all the notes, slides and what have you, so it’s important to keep them in good nick. 

Our first tip; exercise before you study.

Studies by Harvard Medical School and the University of British Columbia state that when you exercise you flood your brain and body with nutrients and oxygen; meaning that anything that builds a sweat will give you an edge when hitting the books. Even a small workout can wipe away those mental cobwebs and infuse some serious energy.

Our second tip is a little more left of field but just as important: relaxing.

You’ve got to take time to rest and let yourself recharge. Exhaustion and stress can hinder your study and make you a vastly less effective learner so make sure to take time for yourself. Get off the screens and reward yourself for each study session you do.  

Our third tip is a basic one but arguably one of the hardest to follow: eating healthy.

A good mix of wholesome food from all of the food groups can make a massive impact. This is because everything you put in your body is used for some facet of study; from reinforcing your neural pathways to motivation itself, a good diet can make all the difference.

The final tip we have to offer is not only true for real estate but also study; location, location, location.

You know what is the best study environment for you. Maybe you study more effectively in a group sharing points or maybe you need to lock yourself away from any distraction? But at the end of the day, you know what works best.

Don’t be afraid to shift your study setting to a more personally conducive location. The same applies for timing your study sessions, whether you focus better at 10pm rather than 10am, it’s all an individual experience so trust yourself.

So, try some of our tips and get stuck into study. Good luck for exams one and all!