31 July 18Sophie Tudor

Surviving the Share House

Share housing can be a cost effective, social and fun way to live during your Uni years and beyond, and when it goes right, it can be awesome, but when it goes wrong, it can make life a living hell with a capital H.

Here are some handy tips to make your share house happy and harmonious!

1. Communication is Key

It’s important to have open and honest communication with your housemates from the get-go. Some conversations are difficult to have, but speaking up can avoid resentment and dodge bigger problems down the track. Leaving notes might seem like the easy option but can be seen as passive aggressive and make things worse. Try regular house meetings and voicing your issues in a calm and diplomatic way. 

2. Mad Respect

Walls can be thin, especially when you’re trying to sleep. Don’t bring the party home with you unless the whole house is onboard, and cranking Kendrick Lamar during your 6am shower might not be as much fun for the person in the next room. Showing respect for people’s schedules and boundaries is your ticket to a happy household. 

3. Good Clean Fun

One of the biggest gripes housemates can have with one another is the sticky subject of cleaning. There’s nothing worse than going to cook your dinner and finding the kitchen covered in dirty dishes. Clean up after yourself as you go and leave communal spaces ready for the next person to use. Think about setting up a roster for bigger tasks -there are some great apps to help share and allocate household chores like OurHome and Tody to avoid moldy bathrooms and bruised egos.

4. Bills, Bills, Bills

Another potential headache for share houses is money matters. As students, things can sometimes be tight, but no one wants to be chasing their housemates for their share of the water bill after the third overdue notice. Put aside some money each fortnight so you won’t be caught short when that bill arrives, and be conscientious of long showers and leaving the lights on. Apps like Splitwise can divvy up the costs and keep track of who’s paid what. 

5. Play Together, Stay Together

There’s no reason that your housemates can’t also be your friends. Spending time together can strengthen your relationship with the people you live with, which in turn can help communication and create a good atmosphere at home. Cook a tasty homemade meal together, order Uber-Eats, head to the flicks or catch up over a few frothies at the pub.  

6. Know When to Fold ‘Em

Share housing can be great, but if things can’t be fixed, don’t be afraid to move on. Living somewhere you don’t feel relaxed or comfortable can impact on your studies and overall well-being. There are plenty of resources such as to help you find your new home. 

Happy House Hunting!