29 June 18Sophie Tudor

T1 2018: One for the Books

Cue the twirling batons and marching band. We have survived, and remarkably conquered, another trimester! 

Like always, the beginning of a new year thrived on the infectious hype and energy of our O’Week celebrations. Crowds of students flocked to Burwood, Geelong and Warnnambool campuses to participate in an array of adrenaline-charged activities, games and parties; including the crowd-pleasing reboot screening of ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’, the colourful Market Days, the adventurous Amazing Race and the ever popular Beach Party at Crown Casino with DJ Will Sparks. 

With ticket sales for O’Week events flying through the roof, so did our membership numbers for DUSA Clubs and Societies. Students looked at all the stalls like they were looking at a buffet – amazed by the overwhelming and exciting range of choices. From sport to music to arts to politics to culture, there really is something for everyone at DUSA. To be honest, we’re surprised no one has created a Brunch Club yet. Smashed avo, anyone?  

The Dragon Festival landed in March and made a massive roar as it celebrated student life and connectedness at Deakin with activities aimed to relax the mind, body and spirit. Students relieved stress at a yoga class, blended smoothies on bikes (that’s not a typo, by the way) and participated in our fantastic Campus Clash Day, with Geelong Cloud coming out on top as the reigning victors. Bravo! 

DUSA Easter celebrations soon followed where students let their noses guide them to scrumptious hot cross buns, and our Wellness Day also proved to be popular with all Deakin’s dog lovers, in which students stole a hug or two from some adorable fur babies with DeltaDogz. We’re still melting over those adorable Facebook photos. 

S.H.A.G Week was quickly upon with the theme ‘Let’s Talk About X’, that placed an importance on discussing the taboo subject of sexual health and consent. We were amazed to see students actively participating in open discussions about these topics and raise awareness with not only posters (and cheeky toilet door hangers) placed around campuses, but also at the Reclaim the Night Walks and various workshops. 

A jam-packed Pride Week took place two weeks later, lighting up all campuses in rainbow to raise awareness about issues that still sadly affect people in the LGBTIQ+ community. 

Pride Week is a chance, not only to raise awareness about these concerns, but also to celebrate and honour the rights we have now attained because of the incredible work the queer community and its allies have done throughout the decades. Fantastic activities that brought students together, members and allies alike, included the DUSA Discovery Day, IDAHOBIT Day, screening of ‘Love, Simon’ and the Women’s Circus Duo Workshop. 

Our Parking Survey certainly brought some strong opinions to light, and it should be no surprise to hear that the majority of the respondents were unsatisfied with the current situation. 

“I have decided not to buy a parking permit this year because it’s too expensive.” 

“I already have a lot of car related expense. I have no choice but to drive, and $90 increase makes things tighter on the financial side.” 

“CellOPark’s end of the month debiting is inconvenient. Getting $90 taken out of my account each month is a surprising shock for the average uni student.”  

DUSA President, Lauren Hustwaite, said she, alongside the rest of our brilliant Student Council, will continue to advocate on student’s behalf until negotiations are met with Deakin University regarding affordability and availability. Remember, we are the students voice and we’re on your side.  

Now, with a busy Trimester full of events, trips and tours and activations now behind us, we’re getting pumped for the next chapter. For all announcements, events and updates, please follow DUSA on Facebook and Instagram at @yourdusa, or visit     

Bring on Trimester 2!