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Top 10 Items for your Study Space!

Top 10 Items for your Study Space!

Study is hard. It is just something we all have to accomplish in order to complete our degrees. Even when we are at our most motivated, our study spaces can look mighty dismal, leaving plenty of space for procrastination to settle in. So we have come up with some interesting and different items, available at the DUSA Bookshop to perk up your space.

Our top ten items are;

  1. Vintage Posters


Study spaces can be organised and ordered, to helps us to navigate the plethora of information we are trying to absorb and learn. Yet other times, we need a little colour and creativity to break up the space. Vintage Posters – particularly the classic “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON” are a perfect addition, when you are feeling the strain of assessments and exams. They are a great source of inspiration, motivation and often just something pretty. We are fans of these vintage style posters, available as individual items or in a poster kit.

Full range of posters at DUSA Bookshop, $7.95 per poster or Vintage Poster Kit $32.95 (includes free poster with every kit)

  1. Decomposition Notebooks


As we become more and more digitally engaged, the classic notebook is often overlooked. Yet when notebooks can look as good as these ones and be environmentally responsible, why not ditch the digital for a minute, and revive those year 12 notetaking skills. These Decomposition Notebooks are 100% Post-Consumer-Waste Recycled Pages, printed with Soy Ink – they reduce solid waste, reduce water use, air emissions, natural gas consumptions but mostly, they save trees!

Decomposition Book (Cherry Blossom) - $16.95 at DUSA Bookshop.

  1. Foot Traffic Socks



When a Melbourne winter is in full swing the humble sock has never looked so appealing. These new Foot Traffic Socks are a comfortable and loud option to wear round the house to brighten up those long study hours. Perfect for ugg boot wearing too. There are a range of colours, patterns and styles available for $11.95 a pair.

Foot Traffic Socks - $11.95 at DUSA Bookshop.

  1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Original Screenplay) – J.K. Rowling


Potter fans keep the journey alive with the original screenplay of Fantastic Beasts. A new and different way to read about the Potter universe, set some 50 years prior to our hero’s storyline. The books are thought tingling as well as visually appealing and will sit nicely in your study space, reminding of you of a place we would rather be. To Diagon Alley please!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Original Screenplay) by J.K. Rowling - $39.99 at DUSA Bookshop.

  1. Frank Green SmartCup, Frank Green SmartBottle and S’Well Bottle


Waterbottles and coffee cups have become smart and charitable. While we are never fans of forking out our hard-earned cash, when we read what these 3 bottles bring to the table, suddenly cheap plastic bottles that end up in landfills are no longer the smart choice.

First up is the S’Well Bottles (RH). Using Therma S’Well Technology, it keeps drinks cool for 24 hours, and hot for 12. Great to use on a full day of classes, or for work and travel. Plus the design is streamlined and simply a rather nice-looking bottle.

Next, our friends at Frank Green have a couple of bottles and cups we think you might appreciate. Apart from being colourful, smartly designed and leak proof they have a couple of other innovative features: their SmartBottle (LH) is 100% Australian designed & made, recyclable and non-toxic BPA free. It also has a neat connection to the “frank green Hydrate” app, a healthy goal setting app based off the data and lifestyle factors you input.

The Frank Green SmartCup (MIDDLE) is another great option for coffee lovers. Claiming to be a world first innovation, all SmartCups have the CafePay app option, where either using your cup or smartphone, you can make cashless payments, store monetary value on the cup and score a few free coffees in the process.

Who knew bottles could be so smart?

S’Well Drink Bottle 500ml $35, Frank Green SmartCup 230ml - $32.95, Frank Green SmartBottle 750ml Glass - $39.95 at DUSA Bookshop.

  1. Organic Hand Lotion & Lip Balm


While not really integral to a successful workspace, the packaging and product is too pretty not to be included in an appealing study area. Urban Rituelle create organic, Australian made products.

We are keen on the hand & body lotion – the vanilla scent is subtle and not overpowering, and the bottle is classy. Perhaps this item is not a suitable splurge for yourself, but is definitely a great gift idea for your family. Hello Mother’s Day!

Same rules apply for the Organic Lip Balm, the origami style packaging is a win and the actual product does its job well. We do love the addition of sunscreen in the balm – ever had sunburn lips? Those things are brutal!

Urban Rituelle Organic Lip Balm “Caramella” - $9.95, Urban Rituelle Organic Hand & Body Lotion - $9.95 at DUSA Bookshop.

  1. Vinyl Stickers

Another Aussie Made gem is the brand Sunday Paper and their cool, quirky and different paper goods. We love the Vinyl Stickers – they are Australian-centric and as a true Melbournian, we gravitated towards the classic Melbourne Tram vinyl sticker. We are a fan and loved it on our laptop; we applied, removed and reapplied the sticker countless times and it is coming up great. The brand says it last up to 10 years, but obviously we cannot confirm nor deny. You will have to try it yourself!

Sunday Paper Vinyl Stickers - $7.95 (full range of stickers available at DUSA Bookshop).

  1. Pencil Case & Teacher 10 Piece Assorted Set

Mello Pencil Case (ABOVE), Pilot Teacher 10 Piece Assorted Pack (BELOW)


The traditional pencil case gets an upgrade with Mello brand, brightly coloured, mesh pencil cases. Great sized case that fits all the extra items you need, as well as being sturdy. You are able to chock it full with affordable pens (60cents ball point pens, $2.50 Ballpoint Rubber Grip pens) and DUSA USB’s ($5).

Another great value pack is the Pilot Teach 10 Piece Assorted Set. We rate this product as it is great value for money. At only $11.95, the pack includes four Whiteboard markers, highlighter pen, 3 pens and a fine liner.

Mello Mesh Pencil Case - $4.50, Pilot Teacher 10 Piece Assorted - $11.95 at DUSA Bookshop.

  1. Headphones (earbuds)


Cheap headphones do not have to mean poor quality. An affordable alternative that won’t break the bank, are the Fuse Audio headphones. Available in loud colours, they are great quality for an entry level headset. They also can be used for phone calls with an inbuilt microphone.

Fuse Audio Zero Headphones - $9.95 at DUSA Bookshop.

  1.  iTunes Vouchers


We hear you say…. “Why buy iTunes cards when I can use Spotify?”. iTunes vouchers are not just there for music, they are actually a great way to minimise the cost of all your apps (we know you have a few hundred!) and get your hands on latest seasons of TV series that may not be available on Netflix, and even new release movies.

iTunes Vouchers – range of values available at DUSA Reception.

Don’t rate our choices? Let us know, we would love to feature or review a product you think should be making the list. Happy studying friends!

Visit the DUSA Bookshop here.