24 April 18Sophie Tudor

Warrnambool Student Jumps for Joy with DUSA Scholarship

At DUSA, we are committed to helping students as much as possible, especially when we know the associated hardships and costs that come with student life.

There is no denying that university can be expensive, which is why one of our favourite things to do is offer 11 scholarships, split across all campuses, to Deakin students at the beginning of every calendar year.

Up to a value of $3,000, these DUSA scholarships are offered to students who are experiencing economic, physical, social or geographic disadvantages and will enable them to select resources that will best support them during their university studies. 

Meet Lillian Cummins, aged 20, who is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts/Commerce at Deakin Warrnambool and one of this year’s lucky recipients to receive a 2018 DUSA scholarship.

Lillian said she originally heard about our scholarships through word of mouth.

“It was mentioned to me by a friend a year ago that she got a computer through a scholarship and I was in desperate need of a device for school work, I looked up the scholarships page on the DUSA website. I’m so happy that I did!” said Lillian.

As part of her scholarship, Lillian received a Lenovo Yoga laptop, a DUSA Gold Membership and a petrol voucher for travel, which has helped her settle into T1 with ease and confidence. In particular, it has positively aided her studies by allowing her to study in her own space, where she feels most comfortable in completing her assignments.

“Working my part-time job has greatly impacted my study hours and I have often regretted my inability to spend more time on my assignment. Having my own laptop now allows me to work within my own space where I feel comfortable and confident in my ability to complete a well-rounded assignment,” explained Lillian. 

“Working in computer labs for the last two years has been great and I have achieved good marks, but it was often hard to find motivation to go there in the first place, especially if it’s raining and dark outside.”

Lillian will soon be embarking on a study exchange in Wales, a study tour in Vietnam and is thankful to be taking her own laptop to a new University.

“I am now confident I will be able to study to the best of my ability whilst travelling the world in my endeavour to become a global ambassador for Deakin. I also hope to achieve better marks on my assessments with a lower level of anxiety surrounding the completion of university work.

“The stress of studying and working to fulfil the needs of a student, dismantles the organisation needed to achieve good marks and success throughout their degree. These scholarships allow people to have dreams and hope they can afford an education they never thought was possible. Thank you DUSA!”

Well said and well deserved, Lillian. We hope you have a terrific year of study! 

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