07 March 16Hope Terdich

Welcome Back Week - A Student's Perspective

Welcome Back Week – A Student’s Perspective

A student gave us their perspective on what University is really like when you first begin.

Like every other first year, I was terrified on my first day of university, intimidated by the people, the buildings and everything in between. You have no idea know what to wear, what to bring or what to eat, let alone who to sit with.

Like everything, these feelings go away with experience. For me, four years on, university feels more like a second home than anything else; a home that you share with a lot of other people.

Apart from the answers to all of my assessments ever, here are three things I’d wish I had known when I started at Deakin University:

  • Restaurants and cafes that do not take eftpos cards will take Deakin Card, so put some money on it! Just want a coffee and have no cash? Sorted. You will eat a lot on campus, and students are poor, so making the best of your money is important. Besides, you will need money on your card to print, so just hit two birds with one stone.

  • Your tutors and lecturers want the best for you, and they legitimately mean it when they say you are welcome to contact them. They are people too, and when they say that you can email them, not only do they mean it, but actually want it. They probably sit up at night waiting for an email from a student.

  • Join the clubs that interest you, and go to their events. When you go to an event, you will already have something in common with everybody there, and therefore you’ve already got a topic to talk about. I see you’ve joined the Deakin Penguin Appreciation Society, so do you like King or Adele penguins more?

Sure, these three things seem quite minuscule, but they are simply not. Joining clubs and getting involved contribute a lot to university life and your overall happiness. Ask any non-first year, and I bet you that they will agree with me. Also do not forget amongst all the new experiences and people you will meet, your degree is also very important — it is why you are here in the first place.