25 October 18Henry Glenn

YES, School's Out! But, Now What?

With the first glorious rays of spring sunshine peeking through the clouds we all know summer holidays are getting close. But as exciting as summer holidays are, well they are as long as the sun is hot, we’re here to provide some suggestions with what you could do with yourself.

As tempting as it is to chill out on the couch and indulge hours and hours of Netflix (who else feels mildly judged when they ask ‘Are you still watching?’ btw) there are some other great alternatives!

Let’s start out easy. Since you’ve got all this free time it’s the perfect opportunity to attempt some new recipes. Fool around with some culinary ideas you’ve had sizzling away and go find some new ones. You’re going to be eating anyway so why not discover a hidden talent while you’re at it?

In between your meals, however, you’re going to need a few day time activities. After all, the days are getting longer again and it is always a pleasure to be outside on a balmy evening.

If you fancy a bit of hands-on action, why not try a new craft? Crafts can be as cheap or as expensive as you make them, and with so many on offer, you’re bound to find something that will tickle your fancy.

From knitting, to painting, to scrap booking, to writing, to even woodworking there is something for everyone. Let’s also not forget the added bonus that all these crafts can be sold for stone cold cash. Pro tip, a great place to sell your crafts is Etsy; who aim to be an online flea market. Have a look here:

Summer also provides a fantastic opportunity to explore and enjoy the great outdoors. Maybe you’ve been eyeing off a sport or a physical goal all year and this is the perfect time to follow up on it. Even if you’re not the sporty kind, the weather will be perfect for walking and taking in some of Australia’s beautiful wilderness.

There are hundreds of outdoor adventures for all levels of fitness so have a look while the goings good. Check out these suggestions:

With all these tips and the ideas you’ve already been thinking of, you’re in for an amazing summer. But remember to try something new and enjoy this beautiful, blissful, relaxing and study-free time.

It’s a once in a year opportunity, and hey, the tans might fade but at least you’ll have awesome memories forever!