Nationals Indigenous


The 2018 Indigenous Games will be held in Sydney from the 24th - 28th of June.

Entries have now closed to represent Deakin in the 2018 Indigenous Uni Nationals.

The National Indigenous Tertiary Education Student Games (NITESG) began in Newcastle in 1996 as a project between 13 students at the Wollotuka School for Aboriginal Studies at the University of Newcastle. The NITESG sees a team of up to 16 athletes compete across four sports over the course of the week. These sports are Basketball, Netball, Touch Football and Volleyball.

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This year's team uniform is a design by Raymond Walters, selected by Deakin's students.  

Standing Strong Together
Embracing our collective wisdom and leadership continues to enhance our unity as cultural people. The centric circles highlight our diverse communities that we honour and have the privilege of representing. Our journey lines that connect us through life continues to bring us together as we aim high as descendants of our ancestors. Each dot showcases the individual gifts we all possess and we continue to enhance, through sharing and deep listening. The colours depict the energy from our ancestral spirits that constantly guide and protect us, as we respectfully and quietly, move forward together over sacred land, as our old people watch over us, keeping us strong, together.


Please contact Daniel Waters for further information about the Nationals Indigenous event.