Cassandra Prigg

Warrnambool Campus Coordinator

Hi my name is Cassandra Prigg

I am a part time marine biology student at Deakin Warrnambool and have been involved with DUSA for a number of years, including as a campus committee member and executive for the Enviro Club. I am passionate about unionism, activism, and advocating for gender and sexual equity. I have been involved in a number of campaigns including meeting MPs in Canberra for Raise The Rate, rallies to protest cuts to higher education, environmental actions, advocating for the provision of public housing, speaking to the Federal Youth Minister, the Federal Education Minister, and presenting to the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Homelessness.

I am determined that 2021 will be the year I finally gets my scuba certification, as well as delivering a number of actions for students in Warrnambool including a fit for purpose women's space, a queer space, more opportunities for training and social events on our campus and supporting our clubs to deliver for their members.

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