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Hi my name is Emily Sagolj

Hi, my name is Emily and I’m the President of DUSA for 2021. My role involves being the primary spokesperson for DUSA, liaising directly with senior University staff and being responsible for the governance of DUSA. I am a fifth year Law and Commerce student majoring in Economics, and I began my DUSA journey all the way back in 2017. I started university as the classic first year student who signed up to a bunch of clubs and thought the hoodies looked cool. I then got more involved by becoming a club executive, student representative and then getting involved in Student Council.

I learnt a lot from 2020 in Student Council, it was a tough year, but I want to use my experience to ensure that 2021 is much smoother for Deakin students. Thus, I’m super passionate about ensuring that there is improved accessibility of support services for ALL Deakin students, ensuring that there is more leniency for student during this incredibly stressful time and ensuring that Cloud students are not forgotten once we transition back to on campus studying!

Throughout my time at Deakin I have grown to appreciate DUSA more and more, not only for the services it provides, but for the community it fosters. DUSA’s events, clubs and opportunities encouraged me to branch out and really helped define my Deakin journey. So, I am incredibly proud to be part of this organisation and I am excited for the year ahead!

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