Ivanka Su

Student Councillor

Hi my name is Ivanka Su

Hey everyone! How’s it going? My name is Ivanka and I am pleased to be one of your student councillors in 2021. Currently I am doing my bachelor’s degree of construction management in Geelong and this is my third year in Deakin University. In 2020 we have experienced so many changes and challenges in terms of education and campus life due to coronavirus, and as an international student, I really felt the impacts. Whether you are isolated in your home country or Victoria, we have all suffered from this and it’s time to get rid of that.

In 2021, the aim of my job is to get involved in campus reactivation and student engagement, especially for clubs, international student engagement and improving mental health. It will be satisfying to see the university be filled with students’ laughter again and I want to contribute to that effort. I feel so honoured to assist DUSA to achieve this goal. Let’s make student life great again in 2021, I’m so looking forward for chasing that.

Hopefully see you in 2021 on campus.

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