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Jonathan De la pena

Geelong Campus Coordinator

Hi my name is Jonathan De la pena

Hey hey! I’m Jonathan, although most people call me Jono, and I am Geelong’s Campus Coordinator for 2021.

I am currently in my second year studying a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Law, majoring in politics and philosophy. As the Campus Coordinator I am responsible for equipping the Geelong Campus Committee for success and ensuring the best outcome for the Deakin student community. In particular, I understand the difficulty COVID-19 has had on us as students both foreign and domestic and aim to continue our focus on online events with the partnership of the Cloud Committee. This is in response to campus-based students currently remaining overseas due to travel restrictions.

As the Campus Coordinator I believe that communication and coordination are important attributes to have when working with others towards a common goal. My goal is to work towards improving DUSA and improving the experience each student has during our time here. I would encourage you therefore, to share your experiences and suggestions you may have through our contacts below or by speaking with someone on the Campus Committee if you ever meet one of us at an event or on campus.

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