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Laura Danae Moorfoot

Student Council Member

Hi my name is Laura Danae Moorfoot

Hi there, my name is Laura Danae Moorfoot, and I am an incoming Student Councillor.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of International Studies and a Diploma of Spanish. I started studying in 2020, at the very beginning of COVID-19, and I am very excited to work on student engagement and providing an abundance of opportunities for students to experience DUSA and all we have to offer to make your university experience the best it can be.

In my previous role as the 2021 Queer Representative of Burwood, I helped facilitate sanitary bins in the male bathrooms on campus, assisted in the development of a “safe hour” in the Deakin active gyms that aims to improve accessibility, and cultivated a safer space for queer and disabled students. I also helped make crisis housing more accessible and raise awareness about the service to our students, as well as most recently gained a partnership with Officeworks to benefit our Student Survival Centre with a generous donation. I have helped organise and facilitate T1 & T2 O-Week, Pride Week, Wellness Week, U-Belong Week, the “chill-out trolley”, and DUSA's Free Food Pantry. I have also participated in both the DUSA talks podcast and the free Advocacy's breakfast.

Please feel free to reach out to discuss any concerns or suggestions you may have. Otherwise, stay tuned for what promises to be an action-packed year.

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